The year is 1932 and Eve Genoard is searching for her brother, Dallas Genoard. She looks for him by the river where he disappeared but no trace of him can be found.

Two men visit what looks like a newspaper press. A man named Nicholas Wayne attends to them. He says the two men must be under the command of Runorata Family’s Gustavo. Surprised, the two men asks Nicholas how he knew. Nicholas replies that it’s because he is an employee of Daily Days. He says that for an information shop, there is nothing they don’t know about.

One of the visitors ask if Nicholas knows about a Dallas Genoard. Nicholas replies that Dallas is the second son of the famous Genoard family, a notorious juvenile delinquent whose whereabouts are currently unknown. The visitor demands that Nicholas tells where Dallas is. Nicholas tells him that the information would cost $500 and on top of that, he would like to hear information from the two men in return. Nicholas asks why the Runorata family is after Dallas Genoard. The visitor asks what will be done with that information. Nicholas tells him that an information shop without information is nothing. The visitor says that suppose they give information and someone would ask for it. Nicholas tells him that of course they’d sell that information. It’s their business, after all. The visitor becomes angry but before he can pull his gun from his coat, the employees in the office point their guns at the visitors. Nicholas apologizes and explains that their business is quite dangerous. He continues to ask the visitors why they are looking for Dallas.

In 1930, a man and a group of thugs are having a fight in an alley. The man says he is part of the Runorata family and thus the thugs can’t just touch him, but continues to be punched. One of the thugs say that the Runorata family are like their servants. Luck Gandor and Berga Gandor arrive and stop him. Luck tells the men to leave since they are in Gandor turf. Luck says he does not want the Runorata name spoken in their territory. The thugs and the guy they beat leave.

In 1931, aboard the Flying Pussyfoot, Ladd Russo celebrates with Lua Klein. They dance and Ladd tells Lua that he’s so excited he can’t sleep that night. Lua tells him that if he’s looking forward to it so much, he should go himself. Ladd says it can’t be helped. He lost at drawing straws. He says his dream is to kill everyone who wants to live more than her in the night. He then says that she will be the last person he kills. Ladd announces that the night is still overflowing with people he has to kill, it’d be a long long time before he can kill her. He tells Lua not to die until then. She nods. Someone interrupts them and tells Ladd that Vicky is in a very good mood. Ladd says he is very jealous. He thinks Vicky must have killed someone already. Lua suggests that he go and check. Ladd likes her suggestion and he goes out.

Baccano Jacuzziupset

Jacuzzi runs into Ladd and apologizes.

He bumps into Jacuzzi Splot in the hallway. Jacuzzi apologizes and tells him that the train is in danger that’s why he must go to the conductor’s room. Jacuzzi rushes off. Ladd seems to recognize him. He remembers a wanted poster with Jacuzzi’s face on it. He says the night has become very interesting. He tells Lua to check the conductor’s room with one of his men. If she sees a kid with a tattoo on his face, he tells her to grab him. Lua complies. Ladd wonders what the terrible thing Jacuzzi spoke about could be.

A man and his companion are in some sort of basement. One of them sets his glove on fire. His companion tells him to stop otherwise his hand will burn to ashes. The other one says it’s alright. He puts off the fire in his glove. The man’s name is Randy and his companion is Pezzo. Randy says it will be great entertainment for that night’s party and that Firo will certainly be happy. Pezzo pours fluid into his glove. He says he’s going to do it as well. Randy tries to stop him, saying Pezzo’s glove is made of cloth, but it is too late, Pezzo’s glove is already on fire. Randy explains that it only works if the glove is made of leather. He tells Pezzo to take his glove off. Pezzo knocks the fluid container into the floor, spilling its contents. Pezzo succeeds in taking the glove off and he throws it to the floor. The spilled fluid catches fire. Pezzo says he thought he was going to die. Randy tells him he doesn’t want to be burned alive with him but they realize that the place is on fire.

Meanwhile, an old man pounds a rat with a hammer. Miraculously, it resurrects, and the calls for his master named Quates, saying something is complete. His place, however, catches fire. He tries to take a box filled with bottles but it is too heavy for him, and only takes two of those bottles.

In 1932, Eve and her two servants visit the Daily Days’ office. A woman servant tells her it is the information shop where her friend works. The old man says that it looks like a newspaper company, they might be able to trust it to a certain extent. The woman servant tells Eve to go ahead and inquire about her brother Dallas. As they are about to enter, the two men from the Runorata Family leave.

Baccano MaizaFiro

Firo gets his hat

Maiza Avaro and Firo Prochainezo are at a shop that sells hats. Maiza tells Firo that the hats of the executives in the Martello family have been bought there. He bought his there as well. Maiza picks a hat for Firo. Firo tries it. He says he likes that hat. Maiza then welcomes Firo to the camorra. Firo tells him that he is a day early. Maiza tells him that the ceremony has already started.

As they exit the shop, Maiza bumps into Isaac who is with Miria. Maiza apologizes and Isaac tells Maiza to watch where he walks. Firo and Maiza smile. They see that some building nearby is on fire. Firo tells Maiza he’ll go and take a quick look. The firemen have already arrived at the scene. Firo bumps into Ennis. Ennis apologizes and tells him that she is looking for someone. She leaves. Firo finds a button from Ennis’ suit. He goes after her.

In 1931, Jacuzzi bumps into Nick and Donny. He tells them the train might disappear so he is going to the conductor, then runs off. Nice Holystone arrives and asks where Jacuzzi is. The two men tell her that he went off to see the conductor. Nice tells Donny, the burly man, that they will check the luggage room as they take Jacuzzi back. She orders Nick to take care of the dining car.

Nick doesn’t understand what Nice wanted him to do with the dining car. He thinks that perhaps she wants him to keep an eye on the people at the dining car. Or perhaps she meant that if they were caught committing a robbery, they wouldn’t want the people to make a commotion and stop the train, so Nice might have asked him to keep the people in the dining car quiet. He decides that Nice must have meant the latter and pulls out a pocket knife.

Meanwhile, the Lemures are getting ready. Their leader addresses them that they will soon begin their operation to save Master Huey.

In 1932, Elean, an African-American man in Chinese clothing, arrives. He is shown a picture of Dallas. Eve asks him if he knows her brother. Elean says that Dallas Genoard, who disappeared a year ago, is the biggest juvenile delinquent of their age. He says Dallas is aggressive, a bully of the weak, detestable and a bastard of the worst kind. Eve is saddened and she says that her brother was kind to her. Elean realizes his insensitivity and apologizes. He assures Eve that her bother will surely be found. A Chinese man comes in carrying some records. Elean reprimands him, saying he’s late and that the client is waiting. Elean reads the records. He tells Eve that they don’t know anything. Even with the information their company has, Dallas’ whereabouts remain a mystery. Elean apologizes.

Baccano badassfiro

Firo confronts Dallas

In 1930, Firo searches for Ennis. He overhears some thugs bullying an old man who is carrying a box filled with bottles. The thugs demanded that the old man hand it over. They kick the old man. Firo comes and tells the thugs he is just examining whether they are prepared and whether they have the proper skills to execute a robbery. A thug tells him to get lost. Firo tells them that it looks like what they are doing is child play. Firo introduces himself and tells that thugs that he is a young leader from the Martillo family. A thug attacks him but Firo is far too skilled. The others attack but fall.

Firo approaches the old man and asks him if he is alright. The old man does not reply and instead checks his box. Firo asks him if the box is really precious to him. The old man tells Firo it has nothing to do with him. He tells Firo to leave. Firo reminds him he just saved his life. Firo then asks the man if he saw a woman wearing a black suit pass by. The old man says he has no idea what Firo is talking about. Firo leaves and tells the old man to leave while the thugs are still out. The old man leaves too but someone grabs and kills him, taking hold if the box. That person was one of the thugs Firo fought.

In the Flying Pussyfoot, a man who just came inside the dining car looks around. He thinks he should get started. Carrying two guns, he tells the passengers to raise their hands. Nick comes in brandishing a knife. He tells the passengers not to move. On the other end, there are three men with guns. The passengers are confused. Isaac tells Miria to get to the ground, raise her hands and not move. Nick, seeing he has no chance against the others, apologizes then leaves the dining car.

The old man who was killed by the thugs regenerates. Ennis finds him and tells the old man, Barnes, that she is looking for him.

Jacuzzi discovers that the conductors have been killed and realizes he is too late to stop the Rail Tracer.

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