In 1931, the Flying Pussyfoot is a transcontinental train that travels from Chicago to New York. An old woman, who is supposed to board the train, decides against it, saying that bad things are going to happen.

Isaac and Miria, reading Ennis' letter and "mining" for gold

A few months before that fateful day, Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent are in California attempting to mine gold but are unsuccessful at making a dent in the mine, which Miria briefly realizes after five months. Four months later, it has been a year since they left New York and during their stay there, the two have become close with Ennis. Isaac and Miria decide to go back to New York but since they have no money, they plan on committing train robbery. The two, however, manage to rob some establishment prior to their departure.

A group of musicians in black is also boarding the Flying Pussyfoot. They requested that some of them will stay in the luggage room to keep watch over the instruments. Jacuzzi, who’s with Nice and two other men, upon overhearing this becomes worried that the luggage room will be guarded. Nice explains to him that what they are aiming for is in another luggage room.


Ladd plans on killing

Somewhere nearby, Ladd Russo is wondering who else is riding the train. He is boarding along with Lua Klein and several men in white. Ladd says that the first class passengers must be enjoying the night but they’ll take care of them. One of his men arrives, saying that he managed to get a conductor’s uniform.

Senator Beriam's wife and daughter are also traveling to New York. There also seems to be something important transported in the Flying Pussyfoot. The senator’s assistant tells the senator that the object is places as far away from the first class car (where the senator’s wife and daughter will be riding) as possible. If anything happens, they could have the train make an emergency stop and just let the two off. The senator, however, comments that he doesn’t care and that the object is more important and that if anything happens to his wife and daughter, it would be their fate.

In the dining car, Jacuzzi Splot is talking with the bartender and a chef about the thing they are aiming for, which seems to be a new type of bomb. Jacuzzi worries if they will be able to steal it but Nice Holystone assures him that it will be alright since he is with her. Nice sees Isaac and Miria nearby and notices how lively they are. Nice thinks that they must be actors or something. She tells Jacuzzi to try talking to them (she wants Jacuzzi to become more sociable). Jacuzzi hesitantly approaches Isaac and Miria and attempts to have a conversation with them. He eventually warms up and enjoys.

Czeslaw Meyer, who seems to be playing with the senator’s daughter, Mary, bumps into Jacuzzi. Czeslaw apologizes but Jacuzzi tells him it’s alright. The senator’s wife, Natalie, arrives and apologizes. She, then, sits together with them and they introduce themselves. Isaac tells Jacuzzi that if he does anything bad, he will be eaten by the Rail Tracer.

Meanwhile, the conductors are also talking about the Rail Tracer, a monster that chases trains. If it catches up, the passengers will disappear. He explains that if one tells the story aboard the train, the Rail Tracer is sure to come.

Jacuzzi worries after hearing the story from Isaac. Isaac tells him that there is one way to prevent the Rail Tracer from coming but he forgot. The conductor who was telling the story to his companion was about to explain it but was interrupted by him, saying that it’s time. The other conductor switched a light on to signal someone. The conductor, who told the Rail Tracer story, tries to continue but his companion says he knows about it. He says it’s a story of ghosts, about those who are called Lemures.

The group of musicians prepare for their agenda. Their leader explains to them that they who are called Lemures should not fear death as they are already ghosts.

Baccano jacuzzitalks

There's a monster!!!

As for Jacuzzi, he becomes more worried since Isaac didn’t know the solution. The bartender tells him that a conductor told him the story before. Jacuzzi rushes off to go to the conductor and hear the solution. Despite the commotion caused by Jacuzzi, Czeslaw wonders why he said his real name, and if there is an immortal among them.

In the conductor's compartment, the older one explains that the Lemures had a great leader but he was arrested by the American government. He further explains that what they are going to do is a ritual for their leader and as the musicians’ leaders also explained, the passengers are sacrificial lambs. The conductor says that by taking the passengers of the train, including the senator’s wife and daughter, as hostage, they could demand the release of their leader who will undergo an interrogation in New York the following day.

Jacuzzi, meanwhile, races off to seek the young conductor. He bumps into Ladd and apologizes, saying that the train is in danger and that he must find the conductor.

The older conductor, in the conductor's compartment, points a gun at his younger companion telling him that there is no way to prevent the his death and pulls the trigger.

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Natalie Beriam

Mary Beriam

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What happened to the young train conductor?


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