Next Chapter - A Daily Days Journalist's Report on the Red and Black Organization


Spontaneous interview

A member of The Mask Makers rambles about the Mask Makers organization's current state of affairs at the prompting of an unseen individual claiming to be a reporter. The Mask Maker describes their group as a bunch of so-called mercenaries without the professional experience or organizational skills that the now deceased Mask Maker 'Death' had, and explains that the real mercenaries all left with the former boss after he betrayed and abandoned the Mask Makers once his wife died of illness.

The Mask Maker laughs that the left-behind rejects all love movies and the 'boss,' whom he plans on turning the 'reporter' over to. He says that he has no idea whether or not the unseen individual really is a reporter, and that the reporter made a mistake in killing a Mask Maker just to sneak inside. The Mask Maker concludes that while the boss doesn't enjoy his work, the employees enjoy it quite a bit.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Who is the reporter?
  • Who is the Mask Maker?
  • Who is the current 'boss' of the Mask Makers?

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

The Mask Maker (probably Aging)

The Unseen Reporter


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