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Phone Call Advice


An unnamed individual speaks over the phone to someone called 'the Copycat.' The individual calls the Copycat's plan a 'half-success,' and recalls that the Copycat's plan involved attempting to replicate the events aboard the Flying Pussyfoot. The individual then compares passengers' roles aboard the Exit to passengers' roles aboard the Flying Pussyfoot: Sylvie Lumiere in the role of Natalie Beriam, Nile or Denkurō Tōgō as the Rail Tracer, and observes that Elmer was Elmer while the Copycat played the role of himself.

2002-B Contents Illness

The individual asks the Copycat about Isaac & Miria, noting that if the Copycat had purposefully excluded them or their 'actors' then that would account for why their plan failed. They describe Isaac and Miria as 'tricksters' - the 'wheel of fate', so to speak. The caller then informs the Copycat that they should have made them into their allies if they wanted the plan to be successful - a lesson the caller only learned during 'the 1935 incident.'


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Who is the Copycat?
  • Who is calling the Copycat?
  • Why did the Copycat want to replicate the events aboard the Flying Pussyfoot?
  • What was the '1935 incident'?

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

The unnamed telephone caller


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