The thirteenth light novel of Baccano! is 2002: (B Side) Blood Sabbath.

It was published 10 November 2007 and is 424 pages long.

ISBN 978-4-8402-4069-7


Sylvie Lumiere, Denkurō Tōgō, Nile, and Elmer C. Albatross are on board the cruise ship Exit from Japan to America. They are also accompanied by a group known as the Mask Makers, led by Luchino "Rookie" Campanella , and a religion called SAMPLE dressed in black and red. Much chaos erupts on Exit and its sister ship Entrance, but both eventually arrive at their destinations. However, Czeslaw Meyer is in for a huge and sinister surprise upon his arrival to Japan. . .



Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The title of the volume is a reference to the band Black Sabbath.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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