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Hiroko, a passenger on Entrance, is speaking with Misao, a passenger on Exit. Hiroko says that she would have invited Misao to dinner if she had was in America when he arrived. Misao says this may be for the best, as he still has feelings for her. Hiroko says that in America, it is normal for divorced couples to get together to eat. Misao hopes to see her during the meeting of the ships. Hiroko wonders if it's destiny to miss each other. Misao says that he won his ticket from a cameraman friend who won a lottery, but sold his ticket so that he could greet his friends from America. Hiroko mentions the movie celebrities on Entrance. Misao notes that his ship has a man wearing a tribal mask, someone built like a pro wrestler, a magician, and some "eerie" people; he wonders about the number of foreigners on the ship. Hiroko wonders why Misao speaks freely to her but is reluctant to eat with her; he responds that he gets teary-eyed when seeing her. He says that he's using the ship's satellite system to call, which has an expensive rate. He asks if he can call again the next night, and they agree to speak in 24 hours.


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