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A Lively day at Alveare

Ennis Prochainezo, Firo Prochainezo, and Czeslaw Meyer aboard the Entrance.


In August 2002, Isaac & Miria are watching the television with members of the Martillo Family at The Alveare to watch the live send-off of the cruise liner Entrance.

Isaac eagerly points out the ship to Miria as the ship that their friend Czeslaw Meyer is on, and eagerly supposes one could fit a hundred Yankee Stadiums inside the liner.

As he and Miria speculate, Randy asks Pezzo if it really is true the ship is on television, and Pezzo affirms that that's definitely the cruise ship Firo Prochainezo is on. He notices that there are several cameras either on or near the ship, and wonders if there's some sort of event taking place. Randy remarks on the size and fanciness of the ship, and wonders if a high-class place like it is 'too good' for Firo. Pezzo jokes that if that is the case, Ennis is too good of a bride for Firo.

Randy spots Firo on the television screen, and Pezzo breaks out into laughter – he can recognize Firo's "dinky suit" from a mile away.

Meanwhile, Ronny Schiatto speaks with someone else who is unnamed in the scene. His conversation partner muses that they have been wondering what 'HDTV' is for some time now, and remarks upon how clear the screen quality is. Ronny is more bemused by the fact that no-one in the Alveare seems particularly impressed or concerned about Firo's television appearance. The other person points out that it would be mean-spirited to make fun of Firo when he is not with them, but Ronny feels that he'd rather like to laugh at Firo again, should he return safely.

The other person would rather Ronny not speak so ominously. Ronny replies that since he does not know the future, he is anxiously excited to see what will happen to Firo (since he does not know whether or not Firo will be safe). He hopes that the cruise ends without incident.

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