The twelfth light novel of Baccano! is 2002: (A Side) Bullet Garden.

It was published 10 October 2007 and is 296 pages long.

ISBN 978-4-8402-4027-7


Firo Prochainezo and his wife Ennis are on board the cruise liner Entrance for their honeymoon, with Czeslaw Meyer tagging along. Also on the ship are Charon and Claudia Walken; two of the Four Agonies, Illness and Life; Bobby Splot and his gang of delinquent stowaways; and a gunman named Angelo. While on the supposedly relaxing cruise, many bullets are fired.



Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The title of the volume is a reference to the band Soundgarden.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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