Elmer Albatross

Written by Huey Laforet (Immortal, Terrorist)

Next Chapter - Immortal - a girl named Sylvie Lumiere


The day before Huey Laforet's plan is put into motion, he thinks of Elmer C. Albatross and writes down his thoughts on Elmer - his friend and the only person whom he considers to be 'human.'

Included in his writings are musings on Elmer's past as a living sacrifice, and a recollection of how Elmer had laughed as he recounted his abuse and loss of faith in God in 1705. Huey admits that he had felt a tiny bit envious of Elmer's happiness at the time, and that he had laughed in front of another person for the first time in his life after the exchange. He adds that he has much more to write, but notes that the "FBI's minions" have arrived outside. He remarks that Victor is "unexpectedly impatient," but the rest of the sentence is cut off.


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