Sylvie Singing

Words of Denkurō Tōgō (Immortal, Unemployed)

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Denkurō Tōgō recalls how Sylvie Lumiere's hatred for Szilard Quates after the events of the Advena Avis had eclipsed the hatred of Denkurō and even Maiza Avaro. He describes how Maiza and Elmer C. Albatross had managed to deter Sylvie from committing suicide after the massacre, but that only he himself recognized the look in Sylvie's eyes as that of revenge-fueled rage rather than sadness.

He says that after they disembarked from the boat, Sylvie had asked him if he thought her rage would eventually fade over the course of eternity. Denkurō - flustered by his crush on her - had floundered for an answer, but Sylvie continued in a cold voice that she had no need for eternity if such a fate were the case. He is unable to conclude whether or not her resolve was right or wrong.

Denkurō says that he managed to track her down to a specific village after a couple centuries had passed, only to discover that she had already left with Maiza. He expresses his resolve to travel in foreign lands in search of his long lost companions, and wonders when he will ever be able to set foot in his homeland of Japan again.


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