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Synopsis Edit

1935-B Melvi

Members of the Runorata Family confer over "what the deal is" with Melvi Dormentaire, their newest casino dealer. Apparently, he will be managing the accounts at their upcoming party at Ra's Lance.

One member expresses outrage that a greenhorn like Melvi has been assigned the party's most important job, and asks what casino Melvi worked for before. Another member gossips that Melvi isn't even a Runorata - he's an outsider under the wing of Huey Laforet, the terrorist don Bartolo Runorata.

The first member wonders why Bartolo gave Melvi such a big job, and the other one reasons that Huey is a high-caliber terrorist, which may explain why their boss accepted Huey's recommendation. Surely Melvi must have something going for him. The first member counters that if they let outsiders do the important work, the actual Family members won't be able to make any money.

The other member looks at him and reminds him that their job for now is just to follow Bartolo's orders. If his companion can't handle that, he should take it up with the boss. Simply sitting around and complaining isn't worthy of a Runorata member.

The first member backs down, but not before asking if his comrade actually trusts "the little creep." The second member admits that he thinks Melvi is fishy, but for now he'll follow Bartolo's judgement.

(Even more fishy than Huey himself).

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