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Back in the car, Ladd Russo learns about his uncle’s death and the destruction of the Russo Family. While Ladd reassures Neider Schasschule with this news, Neider looks back at the choices that have led him to this point.

Neider has been a con-artist ever since he was young. His relative success fed his ego until he failed to take down Goose Perkins, nearly costing him his life. Neider traces back his decision to become a con-artist out of a desire to become strong and protect his childhood friend, Sonja Bake.

After he returned to his hometown, however, Neider discovered that Sonja had already left and his family’s barns and cornfields have been burnt down by Hilton. Hilton threatened him to the point where he returned to the police begging them to protect him.

Back in the present, Neider realizes he needs to get away from Ladd to prevent his life from spiraling down further. Meanwhile, Ladd learns from the others about Ricardo Russo’s decision to revive the Russo Family.

Suddenly, Graham Specter points out a procession of cars following behind them. Shaft pulls over to allow the cars to go ahead of them, and recognizes they belong to the Runorata Family. Shaft tells Neider about the Runorata Family’s construction of Ra’s Lance and rumors about a casino in the basement. On the topic of casinos, Ladd proposes they visit the one managed by Firo Prochainezo.



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