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In an apartment previously used by the Lemures, Chane Laforet contemplates killing Ladd Russo. However, Chane's resolve to kill the man who threatened her father is hampered by self-doubt.

Chane goes to the shower and reflects on the increasing amount of emotion encroaching on her actions. She believes this to be a liability to her loyalty towards Huey, and that Claire Stanfield is the greatest source of her inner turmoil. While Chane admits she loves Claire, she fears depending on him too much. Chane decides that killing Ladd will allow her to go back to being the person she once was.

Chane leaves the shower and hears someone enter the apartment. She sneaks up on them with her knife and prepares to attack, until she discovers to her shock that the intruder is her father. Huey asks Chane for her help with his latest experiment.

That same day, on a transport ship on the Atlantic, two members of Rhythm survey the many armed seaplanes and flying boats around them and discuss the scale of Huey’s upcoming operation.



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