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Ladd Russo and Neider Schasschule are released onto the streets at a New Jersey police station. The two men speak with each other under the light drizzle.

When Ladd introduces himself, Neider suddenly falls to the ground in horror. Ladd assumes that Neider must have heard of the Russo Family before, but notes that his reaction is the most excessive he’s ever seen. Neider begins pleading for his life. Ladd reassures Neider and pulls him back up. Upon being asked, Neider gives Ladd his name, which Ladd does not recognize. While Neider is momentarily relieved, he asks to be left alone to avoid the rest of the Russo Family. Ladd tells Neider that his cowardice reminds him of Who, whose fate is uncertain following the Flying Pussyfoot incident. Neider reacts upon hearing “the Flying Pussyfoot”. Ladd, intrigued, asks him what he knows. As Neider hesitatingly gives in, Ladd suddenly tells him that they are being followed by five men; two in a car, and three speaking together on a corner. Ladd and Neider go down an empty alley, and when the car approaches them, Ladd hurls a brick through the windshield.

Back at the police station, Graham Specter, Shaft, other members of their gang, and Lua Klein have just missed Ladd. They decide to go to the train station to meet him there. However, as Shaft is driving up the road, he spots a car and its passengers being attacked by Ladd. Ladd runs up to them, looking to escape, but soon recognizes them. Graham leaps out of the car to greet Ladd. Ladd catches Graham’s wrench as it is swinging down, and tosses him across the street. Neider faints at the sight. Ladd reunites with Lua, and introduces Neider to all of them. Shaft notices that one of Neider’s hands is prosthetic, and that he is wearing makeup to cover burn scars on his face.



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