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A few days earlier-

Victor Talbot lashes out as his colleagues for failing to recapture Huey Laforet. He soon calms down and debriefs the new recruits on what they should expect from immortal criminals.

Ten minutes later, Victor begins reviewing the specific people they will be dealing with. However, in the midst of his report on the members of the Martillo Family, Ronnie Schiatto appears out of thin air at the front of the room and points out that Victor has misspelled Molsa Martillo’s name in his documents. Victor orders his subordinates not to fire at Ronnie unless he begins acting suspiciously. Ronnie realizes that Victor still hasn’t discovered his true nature. After Victor threatens to arrest Ronnie for trespassing, Ronnie sends the papers in the room into a flurry and teleports just outside of a window that he materializes. Speaking into their minds, Ronnie concludes his display of power by welcoming everyone in the room to the kind of forces they are up against.

Two minutes later, everyone has already recovered from Ronnie’s sudden demonstration. Victor continues with his report, presenting Czeslaw Meyer, Bartolo Runorata, Karl Muybridge, and Manfred Beriam.

Meanwhile at the Alveare, Czes is explaining a prank he wants to pull on Firo Prochainezo to Randy and Pecho. Ronnie returns and hints at the mayhem approaching in the near future.

Back at Victor’s headquarters, Victor has presented Huey and his various organizations, The Martillo Family, the Gandor Family, the Runorata Family, Nebula, Manfred Beriam, Jacuzzi Splot’s Gang, the Russo Family, and Begg Garott. They make note of Ladd Russo’s strange obsession with killing Huey, and the fact that he is being released from prison the next day. Victor decides to have a few men spy on Ladd just in case. Donald Brown mentions that Neider Schasschule is being released the same time as Ladd. Victor orders Neider also be kept under surveillance.



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