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The ninth light novel of Baccano! is 1934 Alice in Jails: Streets. It was published on December 10, 2006 and is 376 pages long.


The focus switches from Alcatraz to Chicago, where the narrative explores what happened with Nebula, Graham Specter and his gang, the Russo Family, and the Lamia. It also reveals what happened to Christopher Shaldred after he suffered defeat at the hands of Felix Walken.


  • Epilogue 2: The Vice President Returns Triumphant
  • Chapter 1: Belated Prologues
    • Prologue 5: Team of Heretics
    • Prologue 6: The Mafia Return
    • Prologue 7: Supernatural Requital
  • Chapter 2: Unexpected Hysteria
  • Interlude: The Boundaries of Alcatraz
  • Chapter 3: Striking Off the Mark
  • Interlude: Chapter 4: The Outskirts of Town
  • Connecting Chapter: Reports Beyond Common Knowledge
  • Extra Chapter: Towards the Bull's Eye


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