Previous Chapter - Remnants, or New Prologues 1: The Man Who Lived Forever


Hong Chi-Mei prepares to assassinate Senator Manfred Beriam, who promises Chi more money to not be killed. However, when Chi refuses, a sniper shoots Chi and another man incapacitates him but does not kill him on Beriam's orders. The sniper is Spike and the other man is the former Felix Walken. Beriam lets Chi go with a request to tell Huey Laforet to stop dragging the nation into his experiments. His daughter, Mary Beriam, enters the room, and Beriam holds her tightly.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Senator Manfred Beriam

Hong Chi-Mei

The Former Felix Walken



"A slave to wealth? A fitting epithet, perhaps." - Manfred Beriam

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