Conversation Old Man and his Granddaughter

Maria Barcelito with her dying grandfather

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Maria Barcelito is standing by her grandfather, who is in bed - the latter being close to death. Crying, Maria begs her grandfather not to die yet. He says that although he doesn't want to die either, everybody has to at some point.

Maria disagrees, pleading that she hasn't been able to cut him down yet. Her grandfather laughs, calling her a good girl for continuing to think about assassination on the brink of death. Motivated, Maria says that he cannot die until she does so that she can cut him down and take his life. Her grandfather tells her to stop talking, pointing out Maria's clear eyes - ones that can kill without a moment's hesitation yet are still able to shed tears. After insisting that she will make a fine assassin, Maria's grandfather passes away leaving her in despair.

Depressed, Maria reflects on how she couldn't kill her grandfather in the end, even after trying her hardest. Her grandfather had said that with the sword Murasamia, she could even cut down invisible things. Heeding his instruction, Maria had tried to cut down the spirits of death that came to take her grandfather away. She concludes that her failure was based upon the fact that she was weak and resolves to become stronger.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

The name of Maria's sword, Murasamia, is a play on the Japanese word for rain shower - 村雨 (murasame).

Unanswered Questions Edit

The narrator of the chapter is Maria Barcelito.

There is a reason why Maria is so determined to kill her grandfather. When she was younger, her grandfather had raised her to become an assassin. The two had struck a deal, stating that Maria will have surpassed her mentor and proved her abilities when she is able to kill him.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Maria Barcelito

Maria's grandfather


"...You... have the clearest eyes... The eyes of someone who could kill... without a moment's hesitation... But even then, you can still shed tears... with those eyes. You can still show sadness at losing something... in those killer's eyes... Haha... hahaha... Maria. You'll make... a fine... assassin." - Maria's grandfather

"You told me that with Murasamia, I could cut down even things I can't see! So I tried to cut down the Grim Reaper, and the ghosts that came to take you away!" - Maria Barcelito

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