Conversation Father and Daughter

Huey Laforet and his young daughter Chane

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Huey Laforet is addressing his daughter, Chane Laforet. He calls her a good child due to the fact that she follows his instruction, and his instruction alone. He backs this up by saying that Chane does not come into contact with other people - her mother included - often enough for it to be any other way.

Huey explains that it is his daughter's role to be the guardian of his knowledge. He proceeds to grant Chane a glimpse of this knowledge, after she promises to keep it a secret without hesitation. Huey asks her whether she would like anything in return for the favour, to which Chane answers that she wants her voice to be taken away. This is Chane's way of assuring her father that his secrets will be safe, which Huey acknowledges.

The scene then cuts to Huey reminiscing by himself. He laughs mirthlessly and wonders what Elmer would think if he were to hear about Chane's decision. Referring to Chane as his 'guinea pig', Huey concludes that he has succeeded to instill a sense of undying loyalty upon her. In the end, he resolves to continue observing Chane in order to see whether she can achieve happiness without a voice.


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

The narrator of the chapter is Huey Laforet.

Chane's mother, as mentioned by Huey, is Renee Paramedes Branvillier.

The knowledge which Huey transfers to Chane presumably surrounds the Grand Panacea or other secrets of immortality.

The 'Elmer' to whom Huey directs his internal monologue is Elmer C. Albatross, a childhood friend from his alchemy school days.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Huey Laforet

Chane Laforet


"You are my daughter, my guardian, my experiment, the sentinel of my knowledge. That is why you were created." - Huey Laforet

"Take my voice away." - Chane Laforet (her last words before becoming mute)

"Well, Elmer? Smile Junkie, Mr. Happy End. Do you think that this pitiful specimen can achieve happiness as well?" - Huey Laforet

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