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Conversation Brothers

Tock Jefferson (left) and his older brother, Tick

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Two brothers, Tick and Tock Jefferson, are talking to each other. Tock, the younger of the pair, questions why his brother always carries scissors around. Tick says that he is not sure himself, but it might have something to do with the reason why Tock is so smart. Tock tells him not to change the subject. Tick laughs and says that you shouldn't need a reason to like something, and it so happens that he likes scissors.

Tock remarks that he can never understand what Tick is saying, to which Tick claims that it must be because he (himself) is dumb. Tock agrees, saying that people have always told him he was the smarter of the pair, having 'stolen everything good' from Tick when he was born. Tick agreed nonchalantly, making his brother wonder why he did not get angry after being called stupid. As it turns out, this is because he has simply acknowledged his inferiority as a fact.

The chapter ends with Tock declaring his hatred for his brother, envying Tick's easygoing outlook on life.


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

The narrator of the chapter is Tock Jefferson, otherwise known as Tim.

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"Mother used to say that there shouldn't have to be a reason for someone to like something." - Tick Jefferson

"That's why... I hate you, brother." - Tock Jefferson/Tim