Conversation Brother and Sister

A young Eve Genoard and her brother Dallas at a family photoshoot

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Dallas Genoard and his younger sister Eve are at a photoshoot, which Dallas remarks on his disdain for. Noticing that he is keeping his left hand hidden, Eve asks her brother whether he had been fighting. Dallas answers that the blood on his hand is not his own, so she shouldn't have to worry. Having completely missed her point, Eve begs Dallas to stop fighting all the time.

Annoyed, Dallas snaps at Eve to mind her own business, eliciting a sad look from his sister. He grudgingly agrees to stop fighting out of guilt. Eve laughs, saying that it must be the thirtieth time he had made such a promise. Dallas retorts - however Eve continues laughing, making him wonder what she found so funny.

Eve mentions that she is glad Dallas won the fight, and believes that one day he will keep his promise. Dallas tells her to stop speaking in such a wishful manner or risk becoming a target for bullies. This does not worry Eve because she knows her brother will come to her rescue. Dallas says that he can only do so through fighting. Discouraged, Eve resolves to take care of the bullies herself so that Dallas will not have to fight.

Knowing that Eve will not be able to defend herself alone, Dallas promises to always be there to protect her. Eve is satisfied by this even though she believes it to be a lie. Dallas tells her to stop talking and smile for the camera.


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

The narrator of the chapter is Dallas Genoard.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Dallas Genoard

Eve Genoard


"I promise you. I'm never gonna let anyone lay a hand on you. And that's a promise I'm gonna keep." - Dallas Genoard

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