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The sixteenth light novel of Baccano! is 1932 ~ Summer: Man in the Killer.

It was published 10 June 2011 and is 360 pages long.

ISBN 978-4-04-870556-1


A serial killer known as Ice Pick Thompson is running loose in New York City. Elmer C. Albatross finds a young boy named Mark Wilmans about to commit suicide and stops him, but Mark becomes terrified and curious about the prospect of immortals. A reporter, Lester, looks up to Daily Days reporter Carl Digness but is furious he left their original newspaper. Lester is determined to find Ice Pick Thompson, but his motives are not what they may seem. Graham Spector and Gunmaestro Smith also become caught up in the spiral of events.


  • Aside A
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: The Reporter Does Not Look for Adventure in His Life
  • Chapter 2: The Boy Who Has Lost Hope Attempts to Plunge Into the Sky
  • Chapter 3: Overwhelmed by Shock and Joy, the Dismantler Spins his Weapon Round and Round
  • Intermission
  • Chapter 4: The Bookstore Owner Warns the Ignorant Boy
  • Chapter 5: The Reporters Make Their Hypotheses Known to the World
  • Intermission
  • Chapter 6: Tick Jefferson Makes No Pretenses About Sculpting Apples
  • Chapter 7: Gunmaestro Smith Resumes his Assassination Work Without Anyone's Knowing
  • Chapter 8: In the Darkness, Ice Pick Thompson Quietly Rears His Head
  • Intermission
  • Chapter 9: Mark Wilmans Fills the Rainy Streets With Bloodlust
  • Chapter 10: The Pitiful Drug-Obsessed Victim Hinders the Accomplice
  • Intermission
  • Finale: The Smile Junkie Merrily Paces Around the Killer
  • Aside B
  • Epilogue: Both the Immortals and the Living Share the World Together


  • This novel is an expanded version of the gaiden novel 193X A man in the killer, which was originally released in five installments between October 24, 2007 to February 27, 2008 alongside volumes one through five of the 2007 anime DVDs.

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