-ɼôcù╟îσ- âoâbâJü-âmüI æµ03è¬ 1931ô▌ìsò╥ The Grand Punk Railroad043

Prologue III

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On December 29, 1931, members of the Lemures cult gather in an abandoned factory several kilometers south of Chicago. Lemure leader Goose Perkins informs his followers that he has learned there are traitors in their midst. He is right: Lemure traitor Nader Schasschule steps forward, and all the Lemures aim their guns at Goose.

At a signal from Goose, the Lemures in the back row fire their guns at the Lemures in the front rows, killing them. It turns out that a few loyal Lemures had double-crossed Nader and informed Goose of Nader's betrayal plot well in advance.

Chané Laforet cleaves Nader's right hand from his arm as punishment, but does not kill him per Goose's orders. Instead, Goose, Chané, Spike, and the rest of the Lemures leave Nader inside the factory, and then blow the factory up from a safe distance away. As they take off for Chicago, Goose reviews his plans for tomorrow with his subordinates.



Cultural ReferencesEdit

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Did Nader really die?
  • What do the Lemures plan to do aboard the Flying Pussyfoot?
  • Who exactly is 'Master Huey', and why is his existence crucial to the cult?

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

The Lemures

Goose Perkins

Nader Schasschule

Chané Laforet



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