-ɼôcù╟îσ- âoâbâJü-âmüI æµ03è¬ 1931ô▌ìsò╥ The Grand Punk Railroad025

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Jacuzzi Splot is surrounded by 3 men from the Russo Family who are threatening to kill him. When he begins crying, the Russos are confused at how he can be the one who caused the Russo family so much trouble. Jacuzzi begs them to put down their guns so he doesn't have to kill them, confusing the Russo men. Donny breaks the hand of the leader, and the other members of Jacuzzi's gang kill his two friends. Nice Holystone, after checking on Jacuzzi, beats up the leader who begs Jacuzzi to make her stop. However, Jacuzzi is unconscious, so Nice throws a bomb at the leader. Jacuzzi's gang then runs away as Nice's bomb explodes behind them. They then plan to commit a train robbery on the Flying Pussyfoot.



Cultural ReferencesEdit

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Jacuzzi Splot

3 Mafiosi from the Russo Family


Jacuzzi's Gang

Nice Holystone


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