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The atmosphere is heavy in the first class cabin of the Flying Pussyfoot as Goose Perkins, the leader of the Lemures, addresses his subordinates about their mission. In contrast to the dark enthusiasm of her comrades, Chané Laforet is expressionless (save for the murderous glint in her eyes) and merely regards her own reflection in her knife. With a grin, Goose instructs his men to attack the people in the train without hesitation or pity.


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The 'Black Suits' are a group serving under Huey Laforet, known as the Lemures.

The man appearing to be their leader is Goose Perkins.

The woman in the black dress is Huey's daughter, Chané Laforet, and the man with black hair is Spike.

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Goose Perkins

Chané Laforet



"Death does not know equality." - Goose Perkins

"It is true that all lives have value. In other words, it also means that each life is of a different worth." - Goose Perkins

"Grant unto them the proudest of deaths." - Goose Perkins

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