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An alchemist discusses two letters he received from two old friends of his: one from Maiza Avaro, informing him of Szilard Quates' death and requesting that the alchemist come visit him in New York; and another letter from Begg Garott, who wants to buy the alchemist's explosives.

The alchemist recalls how Szilard devoured so many of his fellow immortals and chastises him for it - but only because the alchemist would have devoured them all instead. He reveals that after he became immortal, he was abused by someone he trusted - someone whom he eventually devoured. Not only that, the alchemist plans to devour Maiza upon arriving in New York. He finally introduces himself as Czeslaw Meyer to the conductor.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Czeslaw Meyer

The Young Conductor


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