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The Flying Pussyfoot reaches the switch point outside of Manhattan, where a horde of policemen investigate the train, arrest the surviving Lemures and White Suits, and check all the passengers tickets. The steam locomotive is switched out with an electric one during the two hour investigation, and the train arrives at New York's Pennsylvania Station two hours late.

After receiving first-aid treatment for her leg, Rachel is approached by Senator Manfred Beriam while she's sitting on her own. He gives her a stack of one-hundred dollar bills as thanks for rescuing his wife Natalie and his daughter Mary, which she accepts only on account of Natalie's and Mary's presence. Upon researching Pennsylvania Station, she uses half of the money to buy as many tickets as she can. With the tickets in hand, she sets off to find a local surgeon, planning to use the rest of the money for treatment purposes.


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Senator Manfred Beriam

Natalie Beriam

Mary Beriam


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