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A station employee gives Luck Gandor a letter from Claire Stanfield asking that the Gandor brothers meet him outside the station. There, Claire gets straight to the point and asks who they want dead, blithely admitting that he wants to take care of this job as fast as possible since he wants to go search for someone - someone who might marry him, that is. He adds that he has another woman in mind in case things don't work out with this one.

Firo Prochainezo is brought up, and Claire is astonished to learn that Firo has spent the past year rooming with a woman he fancies and hasn't yet made a move on her.

When the brothers refer to him as 'Claire,' Claire casually retorts that 'Claire' is dead as far as the government concerns. Luck points out that if he is officially dead, he won't be able to marry anyone. That, and what are the brothers supposed to call him if he doesn't have a name? Claire suggests either 'Vino' or 'Rail Tracer' for the time being, and he and Berga end up brawling in the street.

As Keith Gandor watches them fight, his mind is preoccupied with the knowledge that their feud with the Runorata Family is only going to grow fiercer from here on out. He suspects that this brawl is the last 'peaceful sight' they will see for some time.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance/MentionEdit

Luck Gandor

Keith Gandor

Berga Gandor

Firo Prochainezo (mentioned only)

Claire Stanfield


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