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A local police officer reports to federal agent Edward Noah that the Flying Pussyfoot passengers Ladd Russo and Lua Klein were found alive next to the railroad tracks, and that Ladd (who was seriously injured) is currently being questioned by Bill Sullivan at a nearby hospital. Nearby, several police officers chatter over a broken pole. One of them thinks Ladd must have punched it, but the others find that hard to believe.

In the hospital, Ladd reminds Bill that all the killing he did was in 'self-defense'. Before Bill leaves, Ladd asks him if he knows where Huey Laforet will be incarcerated. Bill replies that the final destination isn't set in stone, but he suspects Huey will end up in Alcatraz. Ladd thanks him, and Bill adds that he'll introduce ladd to a prosthetics craftsman before he is put on trial.

Ladd wonders what stunt one would have to pull in order to get into Alcatraz, and falls asleep with an expression of ecstasy on his face.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Edward Noah

Ladd Russo

Bill Sullivan


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