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The fourteenth light novel of Baccano! is 1931 Another Junk Railroad - Special Express Episode (1931 Rinjikyūkōhen Another Junk Railroad 1931 臨時急行編 Another Junk Railroad).

It was published 10 January 2009 and is 296 pages long.


The transcontinental express Flying Pussyfoot arrived in New York a few days ago. Chané Laforet has been taken in by Jacuzzi's Gang and Graham Specter laments the loss of his boss Ladd Russo. Back on the train, Lebreau Fermet Viralesque stows away while Elmer C. Albatross buys two tickets off two wary passengers. In New York, Rachel learns from Czeslaw Meyer about immortals, then meets Claire Stanfield (not as the Rail Tracer). He asks her for advice on how to woo Chané, so she suggests giving her a gift. Chané receives a white dress from Claire, and when she notices he has even included sheaths for her knives, she wavers in her resolve to kill him and tries on the dress.

Graham mistakes her for Eve Genoard and kidnaps her, leaving a ransom note for Jacuzzi Splot. Jacuzzi goes to Graham's warehouse alone with the promise of the bounty on his head but is followed by Nice Holystone and the rest of his gang, along with Claire. Graham wants to continue fighting Chané, but is forced to fight Claire instead. He stops when he realizes Claire is the one who threw Ladd off the train and leaves his warehouse in Jacuzzi's care with a death threat for Claire. Chané agrees to be friends with Claire until she falls in love with him.



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