The seventeenth volume of Baccano! is 1711: Whitesmile. It is the final volume in the 1700s arc, and details the alchemists' escape from Lotto Valentino to America on the Advena Avis.

It was published 10 December 2011 and is 392 pages long.

ISBN 9784048861861


The book begins with the descendant of Jean-Pierre Accardo visiting a maritime museum on the American East coast as part of his research on the Advena Avis and the immortals. He is then directed to the museum's archives where he is shown the logbooks of some of the passengers on the ship.

The bulk of the novel is set in 1711, where House Dormentaire has taken full control of Lotto Valentino and the city's alchemists prepare to flee the city and summon a demon.


  • Confessions of a Smile Junkie
  • 2002: At a Cafeteria in an FBI facility
  • 2002: Sylvie's Reminiscenes
  • Prologue: Fragments of Laughter from a Dream
  • Chapter One: The Sudden Laughter of Those in Power
  • Interlude: Excerpt from the Reports of Victor Talbot
  • Chapter Two: The Chortling Chatter of the Visitors
  • Interlude: Excerpt from the Reports of Victor Talbot (Part 2)
  • Chapter Three: The Smiles of Those in Love
  • Interlude: Excerpt from the Reports of Victor Talbot (Part 3)
  • Finale: Don't Laugh
  • Epilogue: Let's Laugh

Trivia Edit

Cultural References Edit

  • The title of the volume is a reference to the band Whitesnake.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

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