The fifteenth light novel of Baccano! is 1710: Crack Flag.

It was published 10 April 2010.

ISBN 978-4-04-868459-0


Told from the perspective of Lotto Valentinian poet Jean-Pierre Accardo, 1710: Crack Flag continues the story of Huey Laforet and Elmer C. Albatross. The aristocrat and ex-delinquent Maiza Avaro is introduced to alchemy by Lebreau Fermet Viralesque. Meanwhile, Monica Campanella, Huey's lover, has disappeared; Huey sets the city ablaze in an attempt to rescue her, more than willing to antagonize the whole of the wealthy House Dormentaire in order to get her back.



Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The title of the volume is a reference to the band Black Flag.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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